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(Ep. 145) Caribbean Cruise with Dawn Wilson part 1

August 09, 2021 Ryan & Cheryl Season 3 Episode 41
Take Me With You Podcast
(Ep. 145) Caribbean Cruise with Dawn Wilson part 1
Show Notes

Dawn is back! She shares about her solo cruise that she took in the Caribbean. 

Travel Story - Caribbean Cruise 

  • First time cruising 
  • Chose cruise line based mostly on locations & reputation 
  • Part of the appeal is to see several different locations in one trip/mode of transportation 
  • There was a day at see in between ports 
  • Tampa to Costa Maya, Mexico 
    • Mayan Ruins 
      • Got to climb on some of them 
      • There were a lot of bugs there, specifically mosquitos 
    • Wished she had prepared for tips for guides and such; needed smaller bills to be able to give specific amounts 
    • If you book an excursion through the cruise line, the boat won’t leave without you 
  • Belize 
    • Brought a smaller boat to take you from the ship to the port 
    • Snorkeling  
    • Private Island (owned by the cruise line) 
      • You can only get to the island if you’re part of the cruise 
  • Cozumel 
    • Favorite excursion - swimming with dolphins! 
    • Also got to swim with Manatees 
    • When traveling alone, one challenge is if you want to go do something, but don’t have a place to put your stuff (like when you go to a beach) 
      • Also eating at the buffet - when you get up to get more food, you lose your spot 
    • Passports and ID cards 
  • Grand Caymans 
    • Went to a historical building 
    • Turtle rescue 
      • Breed sea turtles & release them back to the wild 

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