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(Ep. 144) Solo Trip Around the World with Marissa Karpack part 2

August 02, 2021 Ryan & Cheryl Season 3 Episode 40
Take Me With You Podcast
(Ep. 144) Solo Trip Around the World with Marissa Karpack part 2
Show Notes

Marissa continues her story about her post-college solo trip around the world! 

  • Thailand 
    • A well-traveled country 
    • Was mostly in Northern Thailand 
    • Friend of a friend in Chiang Mai - did a lot of eating  
    • Ate a lot of Pad ka Pow, but can’t find it here very easily 
  • Laos 
    • Took the “slow boat” - takes 2 days to get to Luang Prabang 
    • Went up in a hot air balloon 
    • Ate bat, rat, & pig knuckles 
  • Cambodia 
    • Went to angkor wat - largest uncovered ruined temple 
    • Most people hire a tuk tuk to take them around 
    • She spent 2 days there and still didn’t see all of it 
    • Even with touristy and busy places, there’s a lot of local knowledge of where to go when for the best experience 
  • Vietnam 
    • Ho Chi Minh City 
      • One of the busiest she had been to 
      • Follow the old lady across the street 
    • Hoi An 
    • Got into a train wreck 
      • Train hit a dump truck, derailed several cars, it was fatal for some people 
      • The ambulance there sounded like an American ice cream truck (pop goes the weasel) 
    • Hanoi 
      • One of her favorite places, food was very good 
      • Many school kids who wanted to practice their English 
  • Flew home through Seol 
    • If you have more than a 2 hour layover, they will give you a day visa and give you a free tour! 
    • One of the coolest airports 
  • If you could only return to one city, which would it be? 
    • Cambodia 
  • Which country was hardest to communicate in? 
    • Tanzania 
  • What country did you feel the most at home in? 
    • Slovenia 

Wish You Were Here

Cheryl: Christmas store, Leavenworth, WA 

Marissa: Freycinet National Park, Tasmania, Australia

Ryan: Fairmont Olympic Hotel Tea Gregorian Restaurant, Seattle, WA 

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