Take Me With You Podcast

(Ep. 143) Solo Trip Around the World with Marissa Karpack Part 1

July 26, 2021 Ryan & Cheryl Season 3 Episode 39
Take Me With You Podcast
(Ep. 143) Solo Trip Around the World with Marissa Karpack Part 1
Show Notes

Marissa joins us to talk about her post-college solo trip around the world to Iceland, Croatia, Bosnia, Slovenia, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, Nepal, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam 

  • Captivated by Rwanda 
    • First time in Africa 
    • Had a stereotypic idea of what it’d be like 
    • Rwanda is the Switzerland of Africa 
    • Has an interesting and important past 
  • Iceland 
    • Traveled with a friend from college 
    • They lost her bag at the very beginning of the trip! 
    • Laugavegur trail (4 day backpacking trip) 
    • Reykjavik’s favorite food is the hot dog 
  • Croatia 
    • Went to islands, saw ruins, great food 
    • Was in Dubrovnik during the height of Game of Thrones...quite touristy 
    • In Zagreb - the museum of broken relationships 
  • Bosnia - Herzegovina 
    • Got to hear stories from people who were there when Sarajevo was under siege 
    • Mostar - beautiful bridge & old buildings 
    • Some east meets west architecture 
      • Austrian-esk & Turkish influence 
    • When visiting someone, they will always offer you coffee, but they only want you to stay if they offer you food  
  • Slovenia 
    • An amazing tiny country that has the best of the countries around it 
    • Julian Alps 
    • Coast (similar to Croatia) 
    • Food from Italy 
    • Caves 
    • Many people were happy to have tourists there 
    • Many Slovenian cities have their own cakes 
    • Got to stay on a friend of a friend’s sheep farm 
  • Rwanda 
    • Borders lake Kivu (on one side) that has CO2 building up in the bottom of the lake and could kill life if there’s an earthquake 
  • Tanzania 
    • Went on a safari in Serengeti National Park 
      • You seem to step out of the culture in these experiences because the locals often can’t afford to stay in places like that 
    • Stayed near Kilimanjaro  
    • Sitting in the back of a bus with chickens and a goat 
  • Kenya 
    • Maybe don’t stay in River Road in Nairobi 
    • Easier to navigate because more people spoke English 
    • Went to Mombasa on the coast
      • Lots of Muslim heritage 
      • Can get chai on the beach 
    • Took a train called the “Lunatic Express” 
      • Long train ride, about 24 hours 
      • Like a high speed safari with sleeper cars 
  • Nepal 
    • Kathmandu  
    • Trekked the Annapurna Circuit: 12 - 14 days 
    • Got chased by a cow, hid up a tree 
  • The emotional side of the solo travel: 
    • It was really hard to say goodbye to people over and over again 
    • When you’re traveling alone for that long, you do want to meet people and make new friends 
    • You can take breaks and take care of yourself while traveling 

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